DEADLY DECEPTION by Andrea Johnson Beck is an exciting romantic suspense. Book 1 in the “Deadly” series. A quick read full of deceit,secrets,danger,romance,lies,one fiance presumed dead,another fiance possibly an assassin,and passion. Don’t mix lies with romance! If you like the T.V. show the Sopranos,you will enjoy “Deadly Deception”. Filled with twists and turns, you will not be able to tell the good from the not so good until the very end. Follow Anne Jamison,Adam Whitney,and Carter Leeds on a roller coaster of a ride with a ending you want see coming. However, it does end with a cliffhanger. I hope retribution for Anne will be a sweet,although, bittersweet ending for her. I can hardly wait to see what happens to these characters next. I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense,crime and romance at its worst.
— My Book Addiction and More
Talk about edge of your seat reading...I couldn’t sit still while reading this book. I’d been waiting (impatiently, I might add) for this book and was not disappointed. Learning more about Anne, Adam, Carter, Casey, and all the supporting characters was spell-binding and had me grabbing my phone (my only way of reading right now) at every available spare moment. Loved this book! Andrea did it again! :)
— Heidi N.
Shutter Step
By Stephanie Pitcher Fishman, Stacy Claflin, CM Niles, Andrea Johnson Beck, Dede Nesbitt