Homeschool - the good, the bad, and the anti-social

Our homeschool journey ends this year. Hard to fathom 9 years have gone by already. We started in 2nd grade. Our reasons ranged from bullying to subpar education. I've posted at Hastywords about our experience leaving the public school system. Oh, the merriment exchange between myself and the school administration. It solidified our decision to homeschool.

Like anything in life, there are seasons of successes and failures. Stillness and tranquility. Evolution and growth. There are many who question homeschooling. Many believe we sit around a campfire, singing Kumbaya, and never have a negative interaction with other homeschoolers. We know famous infamous homeschool families and text scripture to one another daily while our children are kept away from social interaction. We are perfect. Our kids are geniuses. Always well-behaved and welcoming. College at 12. Never competition amongst others. 



And nope. 

Logan and I find those generalizations silly. This is why we decided to write this series. The tell all. What people don't know and what people don't want you to know. We are here to dispel rumors and answer questions with dark, twisted humor and truth. It's how we roll. Each week we will post our pov's on various homeschool subjects and our experiences. I mean, we can't make this stuff up.



Also, guests will add their stories as well. 

Homeschooling Logan was the best decision we ever made. No regrets. No shoulda woulda coulda. The journey isn't for everyone just as fire-breathing acrobatics isn't for me.

Stay tuned for the next entry.

So it begins...

What topics would you like discussed? Thoughts? Major pet peeves? Stories?