If Comic Books Can Do It So Can I

Movies. Television shows. Comic Books.
It happens all the time. Some reboots are good some not so much. I'm an avid Black Widow comic book fan. I have read the old, the new, the what the hell is going on. Storylines change. Characters come back from the dead. Then die again. 
Then come back. 

I was reading The Black Widow Creating the Avenging Super-Spy last month, and it dawned on me. Why couldn't I reboot my book? When I initially published it, I wasn't in a proper headspace. I was mourning the loss of my grandma, as a family, we were contemplating relocation, Logan was going through a difficult time with a couple of homeschool friends which caused drama within the group. I didn't put my 100% into marketing the book. The reviews were stellar, but I didn't have many. The book became stale. 

The author world moves at a fast pace and not publishing anything in over three years hurt me. I'm going through an evolution/reinvention time. Our son is doing college courses and doesn't need to teach him. My husband travels quite a bit. Now is the time for me to dive back into writing full time because writing and publishing books for fun doesn't work for me. I'm not programmed that way. I need to be all in or not at all. 

In the coming weeks, I will seek out readers and bloggers to send out ARC's of a familiar but expanded book. 

Wreak--formally known as The Red Roots--will release May 9th, 2018. If you are asking yourself when she did she publish that book? I've never heard of it. 
You're not alone. 
Many of my readers hadn't a clue, and that's all on me. 
Let me introduce you to Isla Pierce.

Hacker for the white collar organized crime empire, Amaranthine, Isla is married to one of the bosses sons Reed Pierce. She married him out a revenge not love. Isla grew up at Walker Plantation after her parents were victims of a hit and run, her grandmother's husband abused her. Pregnant, Isla ran away but put forth a plan to destroy the Walker name. 
Wreak is the first book in The Uprising Series. The series is about women taking back their lives. No matter the trial and tribulations they come together and rise above their situations. They are mothers. They are daughters. They are wives. They are warriors. They love, and they fight for family. 

The second book in the series, Frenzy will release Summer of 2018. 
Wreak is off to my magnificent formatter. I look forward to you reading Wreak, and I promise I won't leave you hanging. I sometimes know series scare readers, but I assure you the books will release promptly. 

I also have a couple standalone books which will come out later this year.      
Watch out author world I'm coming back. 

 Cover art: TRW   Red River Press  May 9th, 2018    
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  Isla was cruel. She wanted him to hurt and to feel every bit of the loss and anger she experienced. Reed wasn’t at fault. He didn’t deserve Isla’s rage, but he was the convenient choice, an easy target. (Chapter 4)

Cover art: TRW 

Red River Press

May 9th, 2018

Isla was cruel. She wanted him to hurt and to feel every bit of the loss and anger she experienced. Reed wasn’t at fault. He didn’t deserve Isla’s rage, but he was the convenient choice, an easy target. (Chapter 4)



Dear Humans,

Stop being assholes. 



Not because it's the holiday season. I understand we have bad days, but that is no excuse to treat people like garbage. It's an excuse far too many use to justify their atrocious behavior. You can't tell me the majority of the people at Publix and Target this morning were having bad days. If I'm in a funk or not in a pleasant headspace, I stay home. I don't interact with others. I don't text or talk on the phone. Venting is one thing, but full on acting like a jerk and treating others poorly is not happening. 

It isn't the cashier's fault you don't know how to use your new debit card. Even though she went around to help you and that wasn't good enough. Raising your voice and making the girl cry was oh, so helpful. Did that make you feel better? Awesome. You suck. The cashier apologized to me because she was wiping tears away with her sleeve. I told the cashier she was not to blame and to not allow that person to steal her joy. And never, ever allow people to do such a thing her because she's worth more than that and she's got this. She smiled, lifted her chin, and took a deep breath.  

It isn't the meat departments fault you can't find a cheap cut of pork, and you stand there forcing the employee to dig through packages of pork, you throw them down, block the entire area with your cart. When someone reaches for a package of pork chops you proceed to snap at them because they bumped your cart, even though they said excuse me three times and you didn't move. Cool. You're amazing.

I can't even discuss what I witnessed in the parking lot. How do some obtain drivers licenses?  

I don't care what your age is. I don't care who you are. If you have children or not. If you're in a hurry. If you feel some sense of entitlement. If you are someone I know or a stranger. I don't care. You look like a fool. 

Then people like me go home a write about it.

This is why the online shopping business is popular. People are tired of dealing with miserable human beings who want to vomit their nonsense all over others. Or oblivious humans who can't look past their noses.

We want a better society. We talk and preach about it daily, but it starts with you. It starts with me.

It starts with us. 

Stop the excuses. Stop the blame. We are all trying to get through the day unscathed. 

Is it that hard to be nice? To say a kind word. To smile. 

It's your choice.

Perhaps you are miserable because of you not because of others. What you put out there is what comes back. Think before you open your mouth. 


A woman who is sick of your shit


Good Vibes Only Or I'll Cut You


The gut.



Call it what you want, most humans have it. The inner gauge which steers you towards positive people or situations or pushes you away from them. Nine times out of ten my gut has been spot on upon meeting people. I tend to observe more than fully interact in social situations. If the energy around me feels off, I'll try to shield my own. I don't want ew vibes. And I can usually pinpoint where they are coming from or more like who they are coming from.

Protect your headspace.  

Negative situations can veil the truth. You allow people to guide you instead of your intuition. I'm guilty of this. I was seeking acceptance within a homeschool group and I pushed my doubts and reservations down. Way down. Deep, deep down. Until I couldn't take it anymore. Once the veil was lifted the truth rushed in. The truth set me free. Free of the nonsense and drama. 

Sometimes your inner voice is a good thing. 

You know that voice inside your head, the one that criticizes, the one that drudges up past mistakes at 4 am, the one you want to silence when you try on clothes in the dressing room. Most of the time I hush her up, but in certain instances, I'm happy I listened. My inner dialogue is quite entertaining. Just remember to filter. It's easy to allow anxiety and negativity in, but you are in control. 

You're an adult. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. 

I know. Crazy concept, right? If you know a situation will be negative or bad vibe people will be in attendance, you can say no. If someone calls and you are resting your energy and mind, and you know the conversation will drain you, don't answer. We live in a society where people feel the need to explain why they don't want to people or adult; we create reasons because we don't want to disappoint or upset anyone. This also applies to children, but that is for Logan to explain at a later time.

I do enjoy people. I do. But when ew vibes come my way and muddle my good vibes, seriously, I'm out. It's okay to say no. It's okay to leave early. It's okay because you have the right to be happy. Why should you be miserable? But we all have to do things we don't want to do. True but there are also situations and people we can choose to stay away from. The joys of free will.

Snip. Snip.  

Remember Mary from the moms group in 2005, the emotional vampire. Mary vomited her bad vibes all over you like Regan from The Exorcist. She found you on social media--thanks, friends you may know--and friend requested you. You cut off your friendship for a reason. Your instinct was right then and it's right now.


You may not live in the same city as Mary anymore but negative energy can still seep in. I've seen it. I've experienced it. If you have people on your social media accounts who constantly have nonsense or unsupportive comments, you don't have to remain connected to them. Back to that whole adult thing. 

                                           This hangs right as you walk into my front door.

                                          This hangs right as you walk into my front door.

I am on a journey of healing and empowerment. 30 days. 30 truths. I am on day 4 and once I have completed my 30 days I will share with you what I've gone through. With my son graduating next year, I'll no longer homeschool him and I feel the transitional shift. I'm positive you'll see posts from me as this emotional shift continues.

How do you handle negative vibes? People? 




I People Therefore I Drink

North Carolina. 2012. Homeschool event at a local farm. 

Corn maze. Apple cider. Pumpkins.  

We weren't meeting new people, in fact, we'd grown close to a few of the families who were going to attend.

My anxiety differed. I had to people and the thought terrified me. 

An hour before we had to leave the darkness surrounded me. 

Numb hands. Quickened pulse. Gut twisted. 

The pain is real. I grip my stomach and focus on my breathing. Every cell within me wants to cancel but I fight through the darkness. I'm not always successful but I promised Logan we would go. 

This is me everytime I have to people. Social gatherings are my Kryptonite. Even dinner with friends slice up my insides.

This isn't new. I've molded my emotions over the years. Learned to suppress. My therapist calls it unhealthy.

I call it survival.  

Introvert. Socially inept. Anti-people.

I've heard it all.

Take meds, they said. Meditate, they said. Train for a marathon, they said.

It's not simple. It's an everchanging path through rugged terrain.

This week my dear friend forced me to people. She's learned to only give me a handful of minutes to ready myself because that way I don't have time to overanalyze the situation. My husband was out of town but I text Phil to inform him of my new plans for the night. Logan encouraged me to go.

She picked me up and we headed to Panera.

We were meeting up with 6 other women. A couple I am friends with but the others would be new to me. I prayed within. I asked for strength and for calm. In my heart, I felt Phil's love and encouragement. 

We walk into Panera and I filled my lungs. 


2 hours later...

I left with a smile on my face and happiness in my soul. The women were friendly and awesome. I laughed. A lot. Throughout I processed conversations, observed the interactions, it's what helps me. Also, it's great for my writing.

Later I text my husband to let him know I was home.

He responded with "Super proud of you."

Oh, the feels. 

And I was proud of me

For some people interaction is easy, for others it's torture. Even to call to set up a doctors appointment is hard. 

I've been asked, how are you an author? Don't you have to interact with readers? 

I do and the author events that I've attended were terrifying. 

Please understand I love people. I do. Well, most of them. I have a close circle of friends but as a homeschool mom and author, social events are difficult for me. I've been accused of pushing my social anxiety onto my son, I promise I haven't. Not intentionally. He's socially quirky which is part of the Autism Spectrum but he's more comfortable around others than me.

Anytime people talk openly about such a topic there is judgment. I don't care because this is reality. My reality. I'm not about rainbows and kittens 24/7. I don't fakebook or glitter up Instagram. This is me even though I use filters for some of my food posts but I digress, this is who I am. This is my life.

Imperfect. Weird. Dysfunctional.

But it's mine.

Some people I still ew. 

Full on ew.

Ew entirely. 

But I will take the social victories as they come. 

One day at a time.