Good Vibes Only Or I'll Cut You


The gut.



Call it what you want, most humans have it. The inner gauge which steers you towards positive people or situations or pushes you away from them. Nine times out of ten my gut has been spot on upon meeting people. I tend to observe more than fully interact in social situations. If the energy around me feels off, I'll try to shield my own. I don't want ew vibes. And I can usually pinpoint where they are coming from or more like who they are coming from.

Protect your headspace.  

Negative situations can veil the truth. You allow people to guide you instead of your intuition. I'm guilty of this. I was seeking acceptance within a homeschool group and I pushed my doubts and reservations down. Way down. Deep, deep down. Until I couldn't take it anymore. Once the veil was lifted the truth rushed in. The truth set me free. Free of the nonsense and drama. 

Sometimes your inner voice is a good thing. 

You know that voice inside your head, the one that criticizes, the one that drudges up past mistakes at 4 am, the one you want to silence when you try on clothes in the dressing room. Most of the time I hush her up, but in certain instances, I'm happy I listened. My inner dialogue is quite entertaining. Just remember to filter. It's easy to allow anxiety and negativity in, but you are in control. 

You're an adult. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. 

I know. Crazy concept, right? If you know a situation will be negative or bad vibe people will be in attendance, you can say no. If someone calls and you are resting your energy and mind, and you know the conversation will drain you, don't answer. We live in a society where people feel the need to explain why they don't want to people or adult; we create reasons because we don't want to disappoint or upset anyone. This also applies to children, but that is for Logan to explain at a later time.

I do enjoy people. I do. But when ew vibes come my way and muddle my good vibes, seriously, I'm out. It's okay to say no. It's okay to leave early. It's okay because you have the right to be happy. Why should you be miserable? But we all have to do things we don't want to do. True but there are also situations and people we can choose to stay away from. The joys of free will.

Snip. Snip.  

Remember Mary from the moms group in 2005, the emotional vampire. Mary vomited her bad vibes all over you like Regan from The Exorcist. She found you on social media--thanks, friends you may know--and friend requested you. You cut off your friendship for a reason. Your instinct was right then and it's right now.


You may not live in the same city as Mary anymore but negative energy can still seep in. I've seen it. I've experienced it. If you have people on your social media accounts who constantly have nonsense or unsupportive comments, you don't have to remain connected to them. Back to that whole adult thing. 

                                           This hangs right as you walk into my front door.

                                          This hangs right as you walk into my front door.

I am on a journey of healing and empowerment. 30 days. 30 truths. I am on day 4 and once I have completed my 30 days I will share with you what I've gone through. With my son graduating next year, I'll no longer homeschool him and I feel the transitional shift. I'm positive you'll see posts from me as this emotional shift continues.

How do you handle negative vibes? People?