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Herb of the Week - Red Clover

Red Clover is most used in my teas blends. Before my hysterectomy, my adenomyosis pain was intense, and I turned to holistic methods for help. I used a red clover tincture almost daily and always added the dried herb to my teas. During my herbalism teachings, I learned much about red clover; the medicinal uses for it are extensive.

It is used to treat skin conditions, but it is also used for coughs, bronchitis, and high cholesterol. Red Clover’s healing properties for women are vast, which include breast cancer, menopause, and PMS. As my body goes through the transition post hysterectomy, I rely on Red Clover to ease my hot flashes and aid in my estrogen balance.

I do notice a difference when I have Red Clover tea or my tincture. The grounding effects on my emotions are apparent. Going through the process of removing the place where my son grew for eight months was difficult. The creation of him and the loss of his sibling was at times hard to work through. Even though Logan is almost 19, I will never forget the experience, the pain, and the beauty of it all. My doctor assured me it was normal to feel conflict and mourn.

And its what I did.

My healing journey has brought me to where I am today, and it doesn’t stop here.

With all herbs, one must be aware of the benefits and the limits. A small amount goes a long way.

Don’t be afraid to venture beyond conventional or pharmaceutical paths. Herbalism is more than just the physical matter presented; it is gaining perspective of the body, what it needs, what it wants. It is learning what all elements of yourself crave.

It’s healing & stability.

It appreciates what was created around you.

It’s incorporating holistic in a conventional landscape.

My Balm for the Soul tea is my favored herb mixture with Red Clover.