Grandma's fried mac & cheese.

Grandpa's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Mom's spaghetti and meat sauce.

Dad's Swedish pancakes.

Those childhood memories bring happiness to my soul. Food brought my family together. We'd laugh, share stories, and enjoy each others company.

My grandma always made fried mac & cheese for her grandchildren. It was our favorite. We'd watch her make it with great anticipation. Her wide smile when we'd take a bite and devour every cheesy noodle.

I love food and didn't come into my own with cooking until I was in my late 20's. Self-taught. As an adult, I developed a soy allergy which altered my view of food allergies in this country.

Going through the educational journey of Herbalism I've learned much about homeopathic medicine, healing foods, and intuitive eating — alchemy, and aromatherapy have brought balance to my house.

Though I'm always learning because that is what life is all about, I'm grateful to share my recipes and knowledge with others. And I'm blessed to have a magnificent husband and son who encourage and love me no matter what.