I love food. 
Tacos. Pizza. Pretty much anything cheese related. Since my youth, I've suffered from horrible stomach pains. When I was 16, I was diagnosed with a spastic colon which now is called IBS. Years went on and my IBS intensified, or so I thought. In 2015 I was diagnosed with a soy allergy and lactose sensitivity. My soy allergy has now reached levels of if anything related to soy touches my tongue I can't breathe. It's terrifying. Going out to eat is my nightmare. Most restaurants know nothing about soy allergies. I've almost died because of it. I try to educate as much as possible. With my digestive and food allergy issues, I've learned to create and cook meals at home. I know where my dinner comes from. I know it isn't cross-contaminated with soy. I know I won't die. 
Kind of important.  
I'm always learning and evolving with my food lifestyle. With my issues, my body can turn on me in a second. But I'm always up for a challenge. It's not always fun, and there are days I wish I could devour a loaf of bread or Chinese takeout. 
I get frustrated.
I get angry.
I cry.
I scream. 
AND I will never stop fighting for my body or for others who struggle with digestive diseases or food allergies. 
They are real, and those who say otherwise do not know the pain and fear. I'd never wish on another. 

If you have questions about food allergies or recipe ideas or whatever comes to mind, please contact me.